Listed and Heritage Buildings

We specialise in preserving the building material of listed and heritage buildings.

We’re proud to breathe new life into ageing material by offering a range of sensitive methods and the most suitable coatings to prepare, clean, restore and preserve ageing, weathered and decayed stone and brickwork.

Those fine architectural details can often appear dull and damaged when engrained with years of airborne pollution, staining and neglect.

Our experienced team only use the most effective and sensitive cleaning processes, selecting from a wide range of approved stone and brick cleaning solutions.  We remove years of pollution and staining, clean masonry and restore period or listed property whilst ensuring the original integrity of the building fabric remains intact.

We’ll carry out a thorough site survey before quoting, recommending the most suitable cleaning, coating and surface treatment and refurbishment plan to restore your building to its former glory.

We’re proud to offer an effective, clean, efficient surface solution at competitive prices, every time.

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