Exterior Surface Refurbishment

A tired looking, pollution streaked or grimy building or structure can give customers, staff and suppliers a lasting impression, and not an inspiring one.

Here at Surface Solutions, we specialise in renovating exterior surfaces.  We use a range of cleaning solutions, equipment and techniques to refurbish exterior surfaces and remove any staining including: brickwork, stonework, render and cladding.

Our highly experienced team use a range of equipment to work at height or access difficult areas.

We source and apply a diverse range of eco-friendly agents, chemicals and coatings to exterior surfaces and we’ve invested in only the best equipment to deliver a cleaner, more sensitive solution.

Our Hydro-Steam units sterilise and prepare hard surfaces on commercial buildings, industrial units, universities and stadiums.

Hydro-steam is unbeatable for revitalising the colour of any hard surface, giving highly effective detailed surface refurbishment and used in conjunction with our specialised agents and coatings, enhances a building’s external appearance quickly and efficiently.

Another of our most effective and versatile process is Precision Sensitive Surface Stripping; where non-abrasive crystals are fired against surfaces, at high speed dislodging the contaminant, gently blowing it away, leaving a gleaming, undamaged surface.

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